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24V 듀얼 모터 차동기어일체형
7”안드로이드 태블릿
4륜 독립형  가스식 쇽업소버
블루투스 4.0BLE 가변제어 리모컨
블루투스 4.0BLE 가변제어 리모컨
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Various safety devices for keeping the health and safety of our child is philosophy of Henes that can't be compromised.

  • Low noise design
  • Emergency remote control stop button
  • 4 wheel independent suspension
  • 4-point safety belt
  • Overheat/overcurrent warning system
  • Driving mode
리모컨 비상정지
4점식 안전벨트
4륜 독립형 가스식 쇽업소버
과열 / 과전류 경고 시스템
주행 모드
배터리 팩 위치


Experience the most powerful but silent electric vehicle in the world.

  • 24V dual motor front wheel drive system
  • Metal differential gear system
  • 4 wheel drive gas shock absorber
  • Variable control system
  • Precision electric steering system
  • Bluetooth 4.0 BLE remote control
  • Lithium ion battery (optional)
24V 듀얼모터 전륜구동 시스템 메탈 차동기어시스템 4륜 가스식 쇽 업쇼버 가변제어 시스템 정밀 전자 조향 시스템 블루투스 4.0 BLE 리모컨 리튬이온 배터리(선택사양)


The unique system of Henes on 7" Android based tablet PC ensures smart driving and smart life.


Various convenience features exclusive at Henes present more pleasant driving experience, user environment and fun.

편의 사양


View specifications of F850 Silky in a glance.






Driving motor Dual 24V 12,500rpm DC motor
Power Rated 240W
Maximum speed 8Km/h
passenger weight

Battery specifications

Types Lead acid Lithium ion
Lead-Acid Lithium ion
Voltage, current 24V, 7.2Ah 25.2V, 12.8Ah
Operating hours 60 ~ 90hours 120 ~ 150hours
Exclusive charger 15V, 2Ah 12.6V, 4Ah
Charging hours 7 ~ 8hours 4 ~ 5hours

Tablet PC specifications

CPU Quad core cortex A9 4.5Ghz
OS Android 5.1.1 marshmallow
Storage 8 GB
Display 7 inch, 1,024 X 600 pixel
PORT HDMI, USB, Micro SD(Up to 64 GB)
Other GPS, Wi-Fi(802.11b/g/n), Frontal camera

Remote control

Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy)
Frequency 2.4Ghz
Operating distance 25 ~ 30m (May vary according to environment)
Battery AAA(1.5V) 2: Sold separately

Specifications Comparison

Product Name F830 F850 Silky
Colors White, Black, Red
Drive Type 12V / Rear wheel drive 24V / Front wheel drive
Direct drive wheel system Drive system bonnet engine room
Steering Precision response electric steering
Remote control communication Bluetooth communication
Electronic control Comprehensive information system
Suspension Front wheel gas shock absorber 4-wheel gas shock absorber
Battery Lead sulfate Lithium ion/lead sulfate
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